Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inspiration from above

Distracted by other things, I had not shopped for supper by the time supper time rolled around. Our supplies yielded the tail end of a steak, some baldo rice, Greek yogurt... Then I remembered the eggplants on the roof, and went to check on them. I had noticed a promising specimen the previous night, when I fertilized the farm (I found my organic fertilizer at Tony's Hardware eventually, after a fruitless search earlier in the week. I feed the whole farm rose food!).

Three were ready to pick, and I found the first ripe tomato, too, and a couple of small cucumbers. Mediterranean ideas... I roasted the eggplants in a hot oven after pricking them all over - after an hour they were soft. I seared slices of the raw steak, seasoning the meat liberally with cumin, sumac, salt and pepper. I smashed some garlic and mixed it into the Greek yogurt, with a little salt. The baldo was cooking.

The pulp of the eggplant was tender and soft and very mild. I slit each one down the middle, seasoned it with salt and sumac, and piled some of the brown pieces of meat on top, spooning a dollop of garlicky yogurt over both. The tomato (sweet) and cucumbers (crisp) were sliced and strewn with terrace mint.



  1. What a fun read. If I had one of those eggplant I would make more ajvar.

    Madonna/aka/Ms. Lemon

  2. Do you think one could get close to the same result with the eggplant in the microwave? Our oven is on the fritz.

    1. Try, and tell us. The original idea is Paula Wolfert's and she does it over charcoal for an hour.


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