Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stories kitchens tell...

Do you ever have days like this?


  1. Please don't tell me you turned your oven on on the hottest day in June to bake a pie... then the oven heat reacted with the humidity and immediately rusted the hinge, and you had to WD-40 the oven open, just in time so the pie wouldn't burn...

  2. I've been watching your temperatures in disbelief - today min. 27 and max 37 !! and it's only June

  3. I've always found WD-40 to be remarkably sweet with a wonderful floral note. Yes, a great choice for your pie.

  4. yes i do, but without the whole pie (quiche?) in the background

  5. Janet - no, I won't tell you that :-)

    Hen - blerrie hot, hey!

    Frank, I concur. So glad you appreciate the finer things in life, too.

    Joleen. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

    Dervla - pie is right. Full of mulberries :-)


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