Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clear yellow

While there are daffodils, I shall have daffodils. 

A hard freeze last night. Poor buds. Frozen slugs.


  1. so yellow-y. is it wrong to steal them from my neighbors backyard?

  2. my mid-seasons daffs were blooming at the same time as my tete-a-tetes. but the mid-season daffs seem to have suffered from the freeze, t-a-t's unfazed. berber' eenteresteen'

  3. Will Estorbo eat slugsicles?

  4. Hard to mourn the slugs. Love that vase, tho. It's perfect now with the daffs, but I bet it will be perfect later in the season with something else. It's a classy vase all by itself.


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