Thursday, March 24, 2011


With freezing temperatures predicted for tonight the next five nights, thunder, lightning, and an ice rain last night, spring is not being ushered in without a fight.  But I kind of like delaying the inevitable.


  1. Ah, respite, but not without some hustle for those tenderlings if it really stays at 25 over the coming nights.

    That said, my tomato seedlings are way up in my time away.

  2. Excellent! My watermelons came up today :-)

  3. You've had some truly amazing photos lately, Marie! The lightly is particularly striking.

  4. Inevitable it is. Actually, it's moving a bit too quick over here except for the warm season grasses I put in last Autumn, Pennisetum, Panicums and so on. No new shoots yet, maybe it's patience I'm lacking.

  5. thirty days of lion and one day of lamb?


  6. Thank you, Thomas! I am trying to pay more attention to light.

    Rob - so write a post about what you're eating, please :-)

    Pat - sounds like a funny diet!

    Beence - merci x


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