Monday, June 28, 2010

Native woodland plants in summer

At the Native Garden at the BBG, the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail was very obliging, repeatedly visiting the Asclepias tuberosa...That reminds me: milkweed buds. I have forgotten to post the delicious, sauteed buds that I ate last week, thanks to Ellen's advice (not picked here, but at the park in DUMBO).

Lilum canadense were tall, bright stars in the leafy green woods.

Restrained lilies, one flower at a time.

I have to find out what the small yellow flower are. They look almost like a more spartan version yellow loosestrife.

Ha. Thank you, Google: Lysimachia ciliata - fringed yellow loosestrife. I think.

It wasn't until I saw a post of Frank's that I learned that Lobelia cardinalis likes to have wet feet. This was growing in a very damp patch at the edge of the bog.

Button bush -Cephalanthus occidentalis - a very sweet, rounded, loose-limbed little tree with scented flowers, also visited by the butterflies and many pollinators. Growing in standing water.

Hm, don't know. Impatiens-ish

There were lots and lots of birds, there were May apples ripening under the now mottled parasols of their leaves, more lilies to come, and asters growing taller for early fall. Right now it is too hot to imagine going anywhere voluntarily, but I will be back.


  1. The swallowtail looks like a painting!

  2. You found it before I did, but I was sure it was loosestrife,

  3. The Impatiens-y thing is I. glandulifera (sp?), a Himalayan jewelweed, if you will. Considered invasive due to reseeding, but pretty. I long to grow it but am afraid--and have more than enough native jewelweed as it is!


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