Monday, April 27, 2009

Today in New York

...spring sprang.

Bleecker between Mercer and La Guardia Place.

This was not a subtle spring. No dog tooth violets here...

These tulips were planted by The Garden Shop at NYU. That's what the sign said.

They were bright.

This was the first time I'd seen these crabapples in bloom, in the huge courtyard on La Guardia Place between Bleecker and West 3rd.

I sat here one summer and had strawberries pelted at me from a high floor. I heeded the sign.

The beginnings of blossom snow.

Washington Square Park, below.

Redbud - in a fibreglass planter on West 16th Street.

Union Square trees leafing out.

The lilac on Congress Street opened from tight buds on Friday.

Home, almost. Crabapples...


  1. Crabapples and lilac! Thankyou.

  2. Oh how lovely - wish I were there

  3. MIT - yes, pretty. Pleasure.

    I wish you were here, too, Hen! xxx

  4. How beautiful! Our spring in Kansas has been so strange, we have missed out on most of the blooms this year. First, we had a very late 12 inches of snow and a hard freeze. Then we had bad storms and wind last weekend, which knocked most of the petals off of those guys who survived the cold and snow.

    Thanks for sharing your spring photos!

  5. Hi Hen, I wish I was here too when you are there. Well, I mean there when you are here. I mean there... :-)


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