Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Preview

..and my 666th post to date. Hm.

An Amelanchier planted last week on a terrace in Chelsea...

Pyracantha coccinea on West 22nd, around the corner.

The berries of Taxus sp., also on West 22nd. The red berries are in fact edible and quite pleasant: sweet and a little viscous - at least the pulp is. The single, hard seeds in each fruit are not, and are poisonous. But it's quite OK to eat the fruit and spit out the seeds. In a polite manner. Taxus is used in cancer medication, commercially.


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  2. Ahem, what I was trying to say was thanks, I've always wanted to eat those berries. Awfully good to know I should avoid the seeds.

    Have you ever had miracle fruit?

  3. Oh yes...I remember reading about it...miracle fruit party. Makes things taste what they
    they not. Still haven't had it.

    How are the needles 'n nails doing? :-)

  4. I'm not sure at the moment but thanks very much for asking.

  5. Reds! At last. They are coming back to our lives. Along with oranges and yellows and browns and gold. There's something to be said about fall. And I'm still not trying this at home. ;-)

  6. Actually :-) you have a HUGE Taxus TREE in that little park just down the road from you...and it's FULL of berries.



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