Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Now and Then

The corner of my tiny garden with the standard Iceberg waiting to bloom for the last time this year. It's full of buds in this late October...Fall comes late to my terrace anyway, because it is warm and protected, facing the auspicious east. I, however, am traveling west, to Vancouver, and it seems I will take the weather with me, as I sometimes seem to do...wet Vancouver will be dry and sunny and hot New York has turned mistygrey. Vince and I will meet at an aiport again for the second time in our lives, except that this time we will know what we suspected last time...and it's simply the most lovely feeling.

The Iceberg in May...Pow! Six months ago...2007 is ticking on.

The next post will be Vancouverian and I have no idea what it will be! I may dedicate it to Vivian, at Holly, Wood and Vine, who discovered, at the last moment, that the course on greenwalls that I wanted to attend was being held in Vancouver next week, thus extending my stay by a couple of days.

In fact no, the next post will be about lobster salad, Spring Street style, but more about that later...

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