Thursday, September 20, 2007

Return to the Terrace

After two weeks in South Africa I returned to my tiny apartment and terrace and went outside as I usually do, with some trepidation, to see how everything had fared. The basil is two feet high and blooming (I'll allow it to - it is supposed to turn the leaves a little bitter, but at this stage in the season, they are entitled...); the climbing roses have put on extra growth, meaning that at next year's rose party they will be spectacular; and the climbing Iceberg even has new buds. Estorbo's catnip, that I sheared severely as punishment for looking ratty before I left, is soft and fluffy and happy. The orange zinnias are popping with flowers. So my waterers, Natalie, Constanza and Paulo did a superb job. So did New York, in the form of a three-day rainstorm.

Autumn clematis

Purple basil

And some South African beaded flowers...

So I think we are ready to receive guests....


  1. Hmm, I'm hesitant about the last specie... Plastica orangis?

    Who would think that such a jungle would fit into a small terrace and still leave room for... Wait a minute, what did you do to the sheep??? Don't tell me you turned it into plant stakes? ;-)

  2. Sheep might be lurking. Australians will tell you that their jealousy is easily aroused. Be prepared for a sharp nip in the hind quarters...

    You could bring him something sheep-treaty top get on his good side? Just, whatever you do, don't mention mint jelly.


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