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My new book is Forage, Harvest, Feast. You can pre-order it and read reviews at Chelsea Green (my publisher's site) or on Amazon. It is a wild foods cookbook written for foragers and greenmarket shoppers, cooks, and gardeners who love growing edibles. It features 36 indigenous North American plants as well as some notorious and international edible weeds. By way of culinary persuasion - nearly 500 recipes - I mean to change the way you view your spice shelf and replenish the crisper drawer -  there are new and forgotten botanical flavors right under our noses.

My first book, 66 Square Feet - A Delicious Life,  offers monthly menus and recipes inspired by the year's 12 seasons, as I experienced them from the perspective of a rooftop gardener, forager and cook. It is available on Amazon, or you can order to it from your local bookstore.

It is "creative nonfiction, cut from the same cloth as great nature writing," writes Gabrielle Langholtz, former editor of Edible Manhattan and the forthcoming tome America: The Cookbook.

When I am not writing and reading and recipe testing and gardening (or washing the dishes), I am walking in the woods. To join me, sign up for a wild foods walk, or get in touch to arrange a private walk or class, or simply to be included on my mailing list.

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