Friday, April 17, 2020


Cherries are pretty. But crabapples are luscious.

Crabapples also smell wonderful. Like storms coming. Like hail on the ground. Like snow on the Alps.

It was hard to smell them through my mask.

These are at Green-Wood Cemetery, which has opened its usually locked pedestrian side gates in a humane gesture to the neighborhoods surrounding it.



  1. Thank you for this, Marie. It brought tears to my eyes. I miss my NY/Brooklyn family more than I can say right now. And the fact that the world continues to spin, seasons continue to change, and those crabapple blossoms give me hope. Stay well!

  2. What a lovely sight! Hope all is well with you all. We're good.

  3. It's a glorious place to spend time, especially now. My 7-month pregnant daughter is moving next month into an apt bldg on McDonald Ave facing the cemetery so she and her husband are spending a lot of time on weekends exploring what will be their new neighborhood. I'm optimistically planning many walks in that place with my first, and probably only, grandchild. Maybe one day I'll see you there!


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