Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shiso thirsty

It is hot in the city today, and I can't wait to dip into one of these.

I grew many shiso plants last year (and wrote about the herb for Gardenista), but forgot to order seed, this spring. Luckily, one dropped seed germinated and now we have a modest crop of the fragrant leaves. They have an affinity for gin. I crush them a little before adding the gin, and topping with tonic water. A few Persian cucumber slices macerated in the liquor for five minutes before the tonic is poured are a very good addition.

Later, for supper, there will be grassfed beef shortibs marinated in soy and lime juice, grilled over coals, rested, sliced, and wrapped in a choice of shiso or American burnweed (Erechtites hieraciifolius) leaves. Because there is still some forage left in this forager.


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  1. Sounds wonderful Marie! My husband says the problem with G&Ts is they are so good and easy to drink that you are sloshed before you know it... :) I don't know, I am the Missouri wine drinker! I am following you on Instagram and I am dlk underline clickpix. I post on FB and my blog as Pix Under the Oaks. I am not looking for a follow I just wanted you to know that Pix Under the Oaks and dlk underline cliclpix are the same person... from Missouri wine country... :) I love following you on IG, FB, and here at your blog! Enjoy your dinner!

  2. This is lovely! There's a nice pink drink to be made by boiling the leaves as well. I could find a few online, but it's basically boil, drain, add an acid, like lemon or lime.

  3. Oh my goodness - how did you manage just "one dropped seed"? For years running now, I have had forests and forests of shiso in pots on my terrace. I feel guilty about culling them, but can't come up with enough ways to consume the leaves, after exhausting all the traditional Vietnamese dishes. I have decided that in a few weeks, when they flower and seed, I will just need to be ruthless and pick the flowers. Last year there was an attempt at shiso flower ice cream - not bad, but not good for the waistline; may forgo this year....


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