Friday, June 26, 2015

The day of the rainbow

Better late than never. 

Sometimes, there is good news.

Marriage equality. 

In South Africa gay marriage was legalized in 2006. 

A big rainbow hug to all our gay American friends.

A big kiss for the activists and quiet fighters who made it happen.

And a steadfast wish that discrimination everywhere will find an end.

(Now, do I have what it takes to make a rainbow cocktail?)


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  1. Still grinning from ear to ear.
    Thanks for the rainbows.
    Straight, gay and in much to celebrate today.

  2. Hear, hear! It makes me so happy for us all!

  3. Thank you for the rainbows! It in has been a good day. Now I just have to wait for my other homeland - Germany - to also fully recognize my future marriage to my wonderful fiancé.

  4. As a christian I believe that God doesn´t bless any sort of sinning. And Im sure that this will cause serious problems for people in US. Holy Spirit is the help we christians get to be rid of evil spirits that causes us to sin, that makes people ill, that sexually molest humans etc. When a false teaching about christianity is spread, the help from God - Holy Spirit - is lost.
    Ann-sofie Kassberg

    1. You should have tea with Desmond Tutu.

    2. Oh, Ann-sofie...Human beings all over the world struggle with fear vs. love. Fear is where evil comes from, make no mistake. Choosing love is courageous and life affirming. Love is inclusive, not exclusive. Love is generous, not withheld. Love is the answer, always.

    3. As a Liberal Christian, I say thank You to the Supreme Court, to all the people who made this happen and worked for so many years to do and to Karen L R for her very First Corinthians
      -inspired comment and to Marie for her beautiful all-embracing post and photos. "Love (agape) is the answer, always," indeed Karen. And may the other responder's heart be opened just a little bit more.
      Blessings and best wishes to all,
      Diane in a Celebratory
      Denver and mood this
      happy week

  5. Wonderful news for so many :) Sorry Marie, not my place to comment, please remove if you wish>> Ann-sofie Kassberg I notice there is NO ONE else on your blog, perhaps there is a reason for this, maybe you should take the hint and stay there.

  6. Thank you, Marie and your Frenchman...the perfect symbols for our jubilation!! At last, Leslie in Oregon

  7. Well, Im don´t want to use Maries blogg for this discussion so I shall just say: You show a lot of love there Val....

    Ann-sofie Kassberg

  8. And my spelling is not getting better either :)
    Ann-sofie Kassberg

  9. Hi Marie,
    So beautifully written AND photographed!
    Thank you to you and "Beence" for this very moving post. You made my day. As Leslie says above, at last! And now, hopefully as well, may they end the fighting over the ACA
    and let us move on to build a more healthy,
    equitable nation here in the sometimes-backwards US of A.

    Diane in Sunny Denver


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