Thursday, July 11, 2013

The first bunch of summer savory

The pailful of summer savory growing on the roof was lush and brilliant green. The potful on the terrace edge was stunted and bronze-ish. The main difference, I think, is sun. The lush savory spends the middle of the day in the blueberry's shade. The other is in relentless summer sunshine.

Last night I chopped a handful of the green one into a fresh rub for ribs (the recipe is in the July chapter of my book), and grilled the meat on the terrace. There is a lot of terrace-cooking at this time of year. Turning the oven on to compete directly with the airconditioner seems like madness.

The summer savory always re-seeds itself. I weed it out strenuously in the spring, and relocate the seedlings I want to keep to a couple of containers. It's best to cut the flowers before they set seed, if you want to save yourself massive springtime weeding. The flavour of the herb is wonderful - somewhere between rosemary and thyme, very pronounced.
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