Monday, July 29, 2013

Figs in July

Stacey asked me recently about the origin of these figs.

Not the terrace, for sure. I bought them at Mr Kim's on Atlantic, a box for $3.99 and assumed they had trekked across the country, racking up carbon miles. However, they may have come from this coast - I looked at my terrace posts from last year and see I ate my own breba figs from our little tree last June. Breba is that first, less abundant crop that a fig produces, from old wood. The main crop grows from new green branches, produced this year - and because my main crop was so small last year, I hacked the fig back this February (and then spent five months wringing my hands and wailing, What have I done?*).

So, back to these figs. I don't know where they came from. But they were very good, sweet, with  a hint of tartness. And yes, I peel figs.

Don't you?

There is a fig salad recipe in my book. Not quite like this one.

* I should add that our fig is fine and pushing out lots of new growth, as well as small, green figs. 
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