Thursday, May 16, 2013

Roses in May

The Iceberg rose is beginning to bloom reliably enough for me to pick the ones that lurk behind a tangle of branches, and which won't be missed when I'm actually sitting on the terrace - quite a rare event these days - and looking at them. The Munstead Wood has one ripe red bud, and many more green and tight, and the Abraham Darby is loaded. The two new roses have shot out tender new stems, but I won't see them bloom before we leave.

Next week.

Can't believe it's so soon. Miles to go before we board, it seems. The book still does not have a cover or final subtitle, so that the specter of the Unknown lurks - never my favourite state of mind. I had expected it all to have been well wrapped up by now, but publishing works in mysterious - very mysterious - ways.

In the meantime, life could be worse than coffee and roses.


  1. Perhaps the subtitle could be the same one as this blog has? New York, One Terrace, One Woman 12 Seasons.

  2. Your beverages always look so refreshing and inviting. Encourages me to take a coffee break. My little one wants roses in her garden. Any suggestions? We aren't too far from you - Toronto, Ontario. She likes pink.

    I like Martina's suggestion above for a subtitle. Looking forward to your book.

  3. Thank heavens for email and the internet. They can always send you pictures.

  4. Oh! There will be pictures! You may count on that.

  5. beautiful! new york is a few weeks (and really probably 5 years) ahead of chicago!

  6. evything iz bettr with rozez

    hope my hermano is feelin bettrr. looks lyke it may be so ovrr by his blog.


  7. Loved your roses, they appear so 'full' and blooming. But you have placed them strategically with cup of coffee. Does it mean you want to smell the roses before your smell the coffee?


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