Monday, April 15, 2013

Being there

Yesterday afternoon I gardened. It's surprising how much one can find to do in this small space. Some more strawberries were re-potted. I planted violas and nemesias, and parsley seedlings, and sowed some of my mother's Cape gooseberries (jumped-up ground cherries). I tidied the disaster area under the braai (BBQ) - repository of pots and charcoal and potting soil and fertilizer. I pulled minute weed seedlings from the pots.

And then I made myself a drink, sliced some duck prosciutto and enjoyed it.


  1. Looks like a lovely day! Yesterday we gave our rhododendron a brother - smaller, but will hopefully grow as big as the other!

  2. You need a proper farm , my girl.

    Any plans to branch out in that direction ?

    Maybe Up-State New York ?

  3. I know. We have but an itty-bitty courtyard garden and spent the better part of a day piddling around. I think size, in this case, doesn't matter.

  4. I just pre-ordered '66 Square Feet: A Delicious Life'..and joined Los Amigos de Estorbo. This on 'Patriots' Day' here in Massachusetts. A day for making action plans, to make life the best it can be. Sending love.

  5. Estorbo looks like he has his eye on your drink and snack...


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