Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday in the Fairest Cape

Lunch in Noordhoek at Rosie and D's airy house through which a warm breeze blew through the glass doors open to the view. Outside, a beautiful vegetable garden, fenced for shelter for when the breeze turns serious.

Kale, giant broccoli plants, Thai basil to flavour our Thai-inspired and fragrant meal. The basil makes me miss my summer terrace.

Post prandial wire chair making. All you need is a lot of sparkling wine, for materials.

Lily got serious.

Not as easy as it looks.

That's my wonky sample on the right.

I don't know when this pastime took hold, but after every lunch I have been to in Cape Town, the boules balls come out. The slope provided a challenge, but no guinea fowl were hurt in the game.

The behatted ones.

I think our next lunch invitation may have to read BYOB.

Bring your own balls.
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