Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Flowers in the house

There is something self consciously South African about the enameled tin receptacles. But knowing that makes them no less dear to me. Into them are stuffed flowers from the garden: roses, fuschsia, agapanthus, allium, coreopsis, catmint, crocosmia, soapwort, daisy, dahlia, delphinium, heliotrope, honeysuckle and fennel; and store-bought chinkerinchees - bought in endless bunches, this South African bulb that fills fields in the springtime.


  1. I love flowers that look so beautiful in enamel jars like that. Like you say, very SA :)

  2. hahah...enamel jars. you know what i mean ..haha

  3. This makes it feel even colder in NYC! Curses! :) I'm so jealous of you and your garden time there. Can you bring seeds back to the US, or is that not customs-approved?


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