Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cape Town

My trip to Cape Town is suddenly on my radar. I leave in ten days. Something blackhole-ish happened to this year and I have a twinge of whiplash. Where did it go? I need more time! Does this phenomenon just get worse as you grow older? When you're seven a year is a major slice of your age - when you are...cough-cough-we-have-a-bad-connection-squee-shhhhh ....that year has decreased incrementally in relation to all those stacked up against it. Is that it?

False Bay from the air. Photo: Vincent Mounier

There will be some new things to do in the Cape. I intend mushrooming a bit more seriously than before, now that I know that summer-fruiting chickens of the woods can be found. I hope to join Helen's group of walking friends: without Vince I don't want to hike on my own. And not having him there will be a big, big sadness. But! My intrepid friend Ellen spontaneously booked a ticket to Cape Town at the end of last week, and will join me for ten days, staying in Constantia with us. That will be a lot of fun: a fellow plant and flower geek, forager, cook, and eater of lambs. I am very touched that she has the faith to fly so far, to see the land that I love.

I am hoping for a blogging friends lunch under the tree - the Voer bloggers will be in town from Pretoria and Southampton, respectively, there is Karen of Smashing Cape Town to meet, I hope The Sourcerer's Lily will be back from Turkey, and perhaps the Green Lima Beans can be pried out of Noordhoek...

If the dicey Internet connection in my parents' house holds its own I will of course post from down south. Constantia seems to reside in a kind of cyber Bermuda triangle. Connectivity comes and goes.

Enough of that. Here are some Cape Town and environs (Hermanus, Stanford, Walker Bay) pictures from our last trip. I'm having issues with Picasa - I used to like it but as a slideshow but it's just not as viewer friendly as Flickr. So here's Flickr.

Anyone else want to come? There are tickets in the realm of $1,000. Not bad for 16,000 miles, round trip. The extra bed is taken but we do have a nice tent...
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