Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall on Henry Street

Last night in bed, without the packed-away comforter, I was cold. I wore a light canvas coat today. I thought about looking for my sweaters. My favourite is a thick cable knit cream cashmere turtle neck, peppered with moth holes, and about eight years old, now. I'd like a new one. I'd like to keep all my favourite clothes, forever. Anyone know anyone who knits custom order turtle necks? Must be cashmere. Wool makes me want to scratch my skin off.

All of which is an introduction to the Henry Street chrysanthemums. They are here. So it must be fall.


  1. I could teach you how to knit...then you could knit whatever your heart desires!

  2. Knithound, I know! But then I would not be able to do typetypetype :-)Do you know any pro knitters who take commissions?

  3. Check at a yarn shop. They often know folks who are happy to oblige -- and may have samples made by same hanging in the store (which is a good way to check out the quality of the stitching).

  4. I love makes me miss NY in the fall so much! And yes, cashmere only...I'm mean when I wear wool!!

  5. Melanie - good idea. THanks.

    Annie - I like that mise en place for your lentils...You're right, wool makes me mean, too. Bark!

  6. Hi Marie
    My mom is an expert knitter has many satisfied customers. If you can send her the cashmere, she could knit it up in a flash.

  7. To continue loving what you have a little longer, check out Mag Ruffman's post over at her Tool Girl blog. Looks like it might work with cashmere if you work with cashmere fibres.

  8. Dalene - now that is tempting. Has she kitted with cashmere before? (I know nothing, just that the tension is different). Let's talk! Is she is in Ge-orge? :-)

    Anonymous - good idea for the sweaters that I can still rehabilitate - thanks.


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