Monday, June 13, 2011


Sunday and the little terrace garden was a mess of moved pots and weeds and pruned rosehips and transplanted herbs.

I found two cucumbers, ripe. We ate them in a salad of wizened roof radishes and fresh young garlic. My roof farm is not off to a good start. I would like to blame it on the Miracle Gro Organic Choice as that is the only variable between this year and the lushness of last. And if it's not the soil, it's me! Everything seems stunted, the radishes and microgreens were just awful, and the beans are trying to throw themselves from the roof. What is going on? I will never buy that stuff again.

The soil I am using now is Whitney Farms Organic Potting Soil, and I like the texture - crumbly and soft, not huge chunks of bark, like the Miracle Gro. But Fafard still gets my vote, every time, plus Lower East Side worm compost.

The raspberries are ripening. I would love to have more.

Bring out the Bonide. The climbing Iceberg is ready to bite the dust, thanks to a massive black spot attack. My fault for not clearing the terrace of leaves last year. Bonide's active ingredient is neem oil. Today's was the second application. I spray from the roof and from the terrace. New leaves are emerging after leaf drop, and we shall see. The New Dawn, whose hips are in front of the spray bottle, is impervious to black spot. So are the two David Austins.

So this was our first, tiny rooftop crop. I pulled the garlic early, weeded out the only radishes to have made bulbs, and must think what to plant in the troughs, now.

The terrace has been restored to order, meanwhile, and we ate outside with a cool wind and the warm fire at my back. We braaied some of our new boerewors and grilled cheese sandwiches over the coals.

We felt as though were in the middle of the desert, and needed only the barking geckos and blow up mattress to complete the effect.
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