Friday, May 20, 2011

I asked for flowers

No words really necessary...

Vince was dispatched to take some pictures of the bluebell woods yesterday, as I was unable to get there myself and I was worried I'd miss them. I also need very good pictures (hence the Frenchman) for a specific project and he arrived in time for a particularly torrential burst of rain and wind. So we went back today. He took loads, so did I. I think - hope! - we have bluebell pictures. The flowers are heartbreakingly beautiful and the air under the enormous green cathedral of trees smells pale blue and just sweet enough.

An actual, happy honey bee.

For more bluebells, look at Vincent's stunning 360' bluebell panorama.

We did a quick tour of the gardens but I lingered as usual in the Native Garden. In time to see the Smilacina bloom.

Clematis ochroleuca. Non-vining clematis fascinate me, and this flower is so particular - a dead straight, poised, slender stem and the tiny bell in pale green and yellow. If I designed clothes these plants would drive me nuts with inspiration.

Pink lady's slipper - Cypripedium acaule. Far lovelier to me than the yellow lady's slipper, and the first time I have seen one. This one was uncaged - all the others are surrounded by wire to protect from critters.

Lupins! I have also never managed to be in the garden at the right time for them - and I can't remember the species.

Ask me what I want, what I really want? And I'll tell you, a stone house above a slope, a terraced meadow below it, the Alps across the valley and lupins in tall green grass, growing on terraces. 

Exactly that.

Thought you'd never ask.


  1. That's funny cause what I heard in my head when I was looking at the second bluebell image was "the hills are alive with the sound of music..."

  2. Breath-taking!...the sea of blue bells under the cathedral trees. Love the selective focus in the first two pics. Think I need to ad this to my mot-so-long list of things to do/see before I die: forest with carpets of blue bells.

  3. The bee picture! Wonderful. Our bluebells came and went so fast that I missed them in my own yard! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Beautiful! It's like nature's feather bed.

  5. I agree with what you want, but what about a lake with fresh, clear water?

  6. Your photos make me say "Oooh."

  7. they are breathtaking! where is that field? I would love to go for a walk there tomorrow!

  8. Carmen - they are at the BBG.

  9. Ok, now that's funny, because it's also what I really really want. You can add cow bells to the picture.

    And speaking of pictures, yours are quite beautifil!


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