Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Green fruit

Curious about the first crop of strawberries this year. There are so many that I suspect they will be small. Perhaps I should have pinched some off. I suppose I could, still. Very difficult.

Blueberries have appeared beneath the crisping flowers.

The first little fruits (flowers, really) on the fig are already dropping off and not worth a picture. A cause for alarm in the past, now I know that this breba crop, produced on last year's wood, is followed by another, which stays and ripens on new growth.


  1. Don't pinchoff your strawberry fruit!!! Just be sure they get ample water over the ripening period and possibly some fertilizer with a higher phosphate number! They won't all ripen at the same time. Lucky you! You have happy bees.

  2. thank god for that bit of news. mine too. figgy getting jiggy. jim working non-stop since last we spoke, not even a glimpse of the shedding fig for him, but he's slowing down starting mid week next week and we'll have time on our hands finally fyi (and the F stands for fig)

  3. came home after drenching rain to find the 3 little figlets fallen off the stem. They were about the size of peas. I'm wondering if this is a normal size for breba.

  4. Rachelle - Ok - I won't! Thank you...

    Bonbon - :-) No worries - glad about the jiggy figgy.

    Joy - yes, pea-sized drop off = normal for me, depends on your climate, too. In some they reach maturity and ripen, but that rarely happens for me.


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