Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cat on a hot terrace roof

A roof cat's point of view. He says we should rise above it all.


  1. Trying to rise above the already humid 91degree day to come.

    Maybe it's time to put the air conditioners in?

    Until then i'll adopt his attitude.


  2. I wondered where you were standing to take that shot?

  3. He is loving the sun! Estorbo is so much like my Thomas it is amazing. He also looks chocolate brown in some lights.

  4. I am curious about the domed basket looking objects. What are they? What is their function?

  5. gorgeous! I can see the old LICH building on your corner. I hear someone bought the whole building (?)
    We must pass eachother on the street all the time. When you coming to the market with me? xo

  6. Fat Cat - no, he is not.

    Jane - he lies about the attitude.

    Rob, hovering with my bat, I mean, angel wings, as usual :-) On Raccoon House roof, actually...

    Helen - yes, the brown creep, I think it is age?

    Gretchen - they are upside down wire hanging baskets. No function at all.

    Denise - Wear a blue ribbon on Friday. I'll wear...a cream ribbon :-)


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