Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherry blossom

There was a big red book, when I was little, full of fairy tales. One of the stories was about a giant, and an orchard and winter and blossoms. I forget the details, but it was very sad. But this is exactly what his trees looked like. Like every other human who passed it, I was drawn under the pink branches and we all looked up and pointed our cameras.

Each bloom is pendulous, all are clustered thickly together. Prunus "Okame".

The main event is probably about two weeks off, but other cherries are opening gradually. The Sakura Matsuri Festival is on the weekend of April 30th and I think the blossoms may still be hanging on - last year they had peaked and fallen. A warm day like tomorrow changes everything, though. Flower time speeds up, slows down, unpredictably.


  1. i had the same book! something about a giant not letting the children into his garden to play, and then when they climbed over the wall his garden blossomed beautifully and he was happy. then either the giant or one of the children died. i loved it, and i wept with all the drama of a 7 year old :)

  2. Breath-taking pictures - can't wait for the next episode

  3. I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting for my young 'Okame' cherry to open its buds up here in northern CT. Last year it was in full pink bloom on March 28. This year the buds just won't open, and it's already April 11. The ones you show in full bloom are just a few hours south of me; they are gorgeous! As you say, all it will take is a warm day..... I'm waiting!

  4. I love that the camera sees the woman's coat as the same color as the blossoms.

    Yesterday morning I was driving north on the Henry Hudson and the river was banked in clouds and moisture, the cherries blooming alongside the path looked stunning in contrast to the hazy gray of the water. I wished I wasn't wizzing past at 60 mph so that I could grab the moment with the camera.

  5. Hello,
    Im looking for the same book..its for a piece of artwork .I have been looking all day.
    I think I've found it using this page!
    I think its called "The Selfish Giant" by Oscar Wilde:


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