Thursday, October 14, 2010

Growing herbs

My piece about Agastache and Calamintha, two herbs that bloom late-late-late in the season, is up at AOL's Shelterpop.

This article is 98% me and 2% my new (and very charming) editor. See if you can spot the authors. It has been a good learning curve, writing this column (old media speak?) regularly  for AOL - regular deadlines, which I love, making excellent use of my photos and exposing me gently to editorial wrangling. Editors have strong ideas about how stories should read and look and I appreciate being left to my own devices for much of the time, while knowing to expect changes here and there.

The herbs on my terrace August 2009: Agastcahe 'Black Adder', thyme, lemon thyme, calamintha, purple basil, sage, Thai basil, purple sage, rose.

Enough about that. I'm off to roast and crush coriander seeds before carrying them to MFB so he can make boerewors for us.


  1. Oh, this is fun -a game.
    "the ultimate herbs for style and substance."- editor

    "stately" -editor

    "common wisdom suggests" -editor

    Oh, its hard to say, but the beginning seems more edited and as it rolls on it seems more fluid, more yours.

  2. Oh Frank, you're spot on! ;-)

  3. Personally I'm waiting to read a Shelterpop column from the Don. That would be a treat.

    In my backyard garden I have two patches of calamintha, each with its own scent so must be different genus, and two patches of anise hyssop. Both are favorites of mine for all the reasons you describe plus utterly maintenance free. The goldfinches love dry hyssop flowers, they sway the stems while eating. The calamintha has always reminded me of clouds, and the bees go crazy for it, both patches. I was taught this is a plant that the gardener plants for herself, because of its refreshing scent. One large patch is is front of my geranium patch, which in turn is in front of a large, lichen-covered North Shore granite boulder. No mums for me for the same reasons as you.


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