Monday, October 18, 2010

Battery Conservancy

I had a very good day, surrounded by water. First, with a special guest pass, on an off-limits Governors Island beach, about which more another day, and then at the tip of Manhattan, in the Battery Conservancy where the genius of the planting is evident in mid October, or fall in these parts. Above, my friend, the bird. I haven't looked him up yet, but he was very tame, and is probably passing through. I liked him.

Under the tall plane trees the perennials, planted in masses, are looking wonderful.

A lot of persicaria, and restrained use of grass, which is so often overdone.


Tricyrtis (toad lily) - foreground - is used very well, sometimes in full sun.

Agastache rupestris?

Anemones in full-blown glory.

Right on the water, and the air was very nippy.

Persicaria with asters.

Pink anemones!

White anemones!

More white anemones! Hey, I was having fun.

The lines of this park are very good. Exceptionally good.

And back at the entrance, nearest South Ferry where you catch the free ferry to Staten Island, next door to the little, old, pretty Governors Island ferry building.

It's hard to imagine this all in another season, and yet, in spring, it has a whole other character, complete with bluebells. I am not sure how many people appreciate the depth of thought that went into the planting. The bones are the bones, yes, and give you the feeling of the place but the flesh on the bones is some kind of wonderful.

This is a good place to be. The tourists walk right around it and don't go in. There was one group of black kids, one businessman eating his sandwich, one homeless guy sleeping, a German couple, an Asian couple taking pictures of flowers, a Muslim man praying, a corgi-walking local, and a Brazilian who asked me to take her picture. And me.
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