Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday on the farm

Sunday and gentle rain falls on Brooklyn.

Saturday evening and I picked more little tomatoes, yet more cucumbers and a baby courgette (I think courgette is prettier than zucchini. I'll call the big ones zucchinis from now on, and am leaving a few on the plants for that purpose...they will be stuffed).

Below, more strawberries. Used the last of the pâte sablée, spread with thick and creamy Fage yogurt once baked, sprinkled on fine (castor) sugar and sliced the berries sparsely over the top. Good. I would have eaten the strawberries out of hand but felt guilty about my dessert-loving husband. Hence, dessert.

Then I made a very sloppy salad.

The cucuzza they really all need to be pollinated or are some of the flowers male, like courgette/zucchinis?

They can still see us. We are leaving the lights off at night. And keeping the door bolted.


  1. looks delicious! I hadn't thought to use Fage in that way. I love that yogurt. Great white blooms peeking in on you.

  2. white flowers peeking in...eep!! (courgette does sound much nicer than zucchini...or zukes)


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