Friday, August 13, 2010

SA Blog Awards 2010

The annual SA Blog Awards are accepting nominations for the best blogs written by South Africans in 2010.

66 Square Feet was a finalist last year and has been nominated this year for Best Overseas Blog and Best Photography Blog, and nominations are still being accepted. Blogs are eligible for two categories, and if they are nominated for more, will be asked to choose which categories to compete in. Travel and Personal Blog are other likely categories for this one.

Hmmmm. Maybe someone will notice (the)Food...

If you think that this blog is worthy, you can nominate it for the awards by clicking the icon below, or by clicking it on the sidebar to the left. Nominations will be accepted until August 27th and voting in September.

nominate this blog

Now I'm going to make some lobster rolls. I like New England.


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