Friday, August 13, 2010

Rockport daily pictures

Since we have located some roving Wifi, I will try to post a daily picture or pictures from this sparkling little town on Cape Anne.

It is beautiful here. There are flowers everywhere. The sea is clean and cold. The beaches pebbly. The lobster fresh. The clam bellies crispy. The natives friendly. The Frenchie's family all over town.

If this is New England, I have fallen for it.


  1. Lovely photographs, Marie :-)
    So quaint, it somehow reminds me of a little town in L'Ile de Re, close to where I grew up, on the Atlantic Coast(France)

  2. Don't forget to nudge the Frenchie about posting his photos to his blog.

  3. Lobster and corn for supper tonight with tomato salad and blueberry pie. Welcome to my world.

  4. Yum. Beautiful. Jealous.

    New England is heaven.

  5. Oh, I'm so happy to see these pictures! This is where my great grandmother's summer house is, where I spent so many happy summer vacations. I was there in June and took many pictures of the same things (yours are prettier).
    Enjoy! sigh

  6. I was just in Rockport last week and took TONS of gardening photos. It was inspiring--all those window boxes and container gardens on Bearskin Neck. You took some nice photos!

  7. Chica,
    Looks beautiful up there. Love the pics!Cons

  8. i love that area. great place to escape from the heat of summer.


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