Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lessons from New England

1. Swimming on a cold afternoon in summer in high surf is more fun than it sounds. Especially if you duck at the right time. Also, later, you find seaweed in interesting places.

2. No matter how hard you dig, there's always another wave coming.

Francois, cousin-in-law, in fort. Petit Vincent outside.

3. If you keep building, the fort will not crumble. But there can be no rest. Ergo: Is the fort worth it?

Grand Vincent holding my ex-pants.

4. Never, ever play beach tennis without a spare pair of pants handy. Showing off has its price.


  1. Isn't diving in the waves FUN? It reminds me of my childhood. Thank you :-)

    That must have been a very hard game of beach tennis you played, who won?

  2. What a charming place - wish I were there......

  3. Such fun! and in such a lovely place. Enjoy your trip!

  4. I agree completely about high-surf swimming--I do mine each summer on the Delaware coastline. My goal is always to get out just beyond the breaking waves, where it's relatively calm. It's the getting out and the getting back through those fabulous crashing waves that takes a bit of well-timed ducking. It looks so inviting. Continue to enjoy!

  5. ummm, just what were you showing off?

  6. Anyes, yes! I'd say the tennis was a draw until I had to withdraw in ignominy...

    Hen, me too ^^

    webb, thank you. All gone now.

    Thank you, Pam - Yes the in the waves part can be quite frightening.

    My Croft, well, er...unintended. I was showing of my LUNGE.

    Lisa, ja, oops.

  7. Marie, do you know the name of the beach that is? The looong one. Thanks!

  8. kbd - I think it's Cape Hedge...

  9. Thanks Marie... I think I drove through that area a couple years ago. Definitely going back now, and will stop this time.


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