Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, first of all, WTF, mate? Who did this? Not the Stem Nipper. This is like a small methodical animal with small teeth. Or is it caterpillar? Just the skin, and just two figs.

Also, something's eating a fig leaf, and someone has laid eggs on the underside of another leaf. So I'm waiting to see what hatches. And when they hatch they will want to eat more fig leaves?

Still, the figs are ripening fast; every day some new plump ones, quite perfect inside.

This is the fourth flush of strawberries, I think (Jim Glover's "fern" cultivar), and there are new flowers on the plants. It's really amazing that they keep going. New runners grow longer every day, long, slender green things questing for a nest of soil as far from the parent as possible, it seems: they grow inches every day. The main strawberry pot is now surrounded by small ones so that all the runners root. I think I will see over a dozen new plants from the initial three.

If you could watch any gardening show on TV, what would it be? Apparently the networks have no precedent of a "hit" gardening show so selling any idea is very hard. A bit ironic.

Taking suggestions.

I love the male zuchini flowers. Easy to spot since they are not attached to a zuchini.

I checked on the farm this evening, climbing up with glass of something delicious to drink, and meeting the cat halfway.

It's not necessary to splash but it's much more fun.

Looking down on the Pat Austin rose and the tall spikes of agastache.

More figs.

The delicious drink.

The cat.

The end of the light.


  1. Rather envious of your crops. We still don't have a fig that's worth a fig.

    No zucchini yet,only leaves and blossoms. Where are the squash? At your house?

    But, yes, we still get strawberries.
    How odd. xo jane

  2. Dip the male zucchini flowers in a very light batter and fry quickly .
    I can't wait for mine but it's still winter - I think.

  3. Pee ess - Selina says you can use young pumpkin leaves as morog so why not zucchini leaves ?

  4. but the networks have many, many examples of "extreme makeover" shows -- so maybe that idea would make sense, if that idea appeals to you. . . ?

  5. hmmm, also, couldn;t help but notice that the cat is still . . naked. I suppose decent folk don't talk about these things, but no one has ever confused me with polite society -- so, whatup?

  6. You are probably too young to have ever watched the original Victory Garden on PBS. It was the best, the one now..well, not so much.

  7. Jane - the squash are not at my house yet. Still en route.

    Hen - well, I only have about three flowers at a time! But I will try the morog...xxx

    my croft, yes makeover has been suggested by the people with the cameras and sound equipment...

    Cat is free from clothes on roof for agility-reasons. He has a story to tell about that...He's nearly better, though. And a shipment of Velcote is coming from Canada for his itchy skin. My moms cats and dogs use/used to have it once a day.

    Sherri B - I've heard so much about it, will look it up. Thank you.

  8. Oooh -- such pretty pictures of your crops and garden. Very exciting that your figs are ripening. You know... (shh!) all the fig trees in Park Slope are starting to plump up and turn purple. I have a couple of trees I've staked out. May have to pay them a visit under the cover of nightfall. ;)

  9. Drink, cat, sunset... Looks heavenly!

  10. hey, i am a silent reader of your blog ... first comment so hello! and i thought you might like this (if you don't know already) http://rooftopfarms.org/

  11. I just posted about our strawberry plants too! I love it when I see the runners! It's like, YES! New plants. http://nycgardening.blogspot.com/2010/08/patch-even-strawberry-shortcake-would.html

  12. Hey Jill - Well, if you share locations, I'll stand guard or drive the getaway vee-hicle?

    I saw tree in Carroll Gardens loaded with fruit...DROPPING off, it killed me to walk on by. I should just have knocked on the door, right?

    Huh: new strategy

    Amy, hi - it really is a fresh new world up there.

    Hi B :-) - yes, it's a great site, I linked to it in my first post about roof farms.

    Meems - excellent. I just went out and found more babies. Eek. It's like the Park Slope of strawberry plants - strollers everywhere.

  13. I use to love to watch "Homefront in the Garden" on BBC America with Diarmuid Gavin. I also loved the Victory Garden while Roger Swain hosted it.
    I can't believe you have all this ripe fruit. I am still waiting for my tomatoes to turn red.


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