Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Roof Farm

Now I have cucumbers and...a watermelon

I do know that this is all a bit silly. But I'm having fun. I'm not sure that 'fun' and 'silly' are allowed in Brooklyn farming either, which just proves that I'm not going to be hanging out with the popular kids.


  1. But where is the compost heap?

  2. Shhhh, don't even get her thinking of a compost pile.


  3. Que viva la revoluciĆ³n. agropecuaria.
    Estorbo should be proud.

  4. How about a worm farm? Too hot maybe. Beans? Radishes? Keep tomato seeds for me please

  5. mit - hush.

    jane - exactly. Oy. Going through the trapdoor is good for my triceps, though...

    Cons - Viva!

    Hen - you really want tomato seeds? They're small. Not as small as those small ones of yours, though...but small. I also have yellow pear-shaped ones and little black ones. Have to check names.

    Beans. Nice idea but too little pay off. I think. I think the worms might fry. xxx

  6. Sounds wonderful! I have a question for you - do zucchini want any sort of stakes/trellising? Or are they happy meandering at ground level? and is there anything that will deter blackfly without killing ME? :o) Our sycamore-lined walkway next door seems to be a breeding ground from where greenfly & blackfly launch attachs on tmy garden...


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