Friday, May 21, 2010

The other side of the web

Someone landed on my site today by googling for something horrible. I have spent an hour online trying to find out how to report matters relating to child pornography to the appropriate authorities; knowing, all the while, that a search is not illegal. But anyone searching for this has a history. So I've made my report to the police in the UK. For what it's worth.

Meanwhile the schmuck is there, in Hampshire, searching, and, presumably, finding.

I look at Feedjit and Sitemeter to see where people are, what they are looking for - most of the time it's just interesting. Sometimes it's funny - a lot of foot fetishists out here (Feet in the title doesn't help). And then you get the garbage. Rarely, thank God.

I have no room for compassion when it comes to hurting, exploiting, taking advantage of, or neglecting children. I get very Dirty Harry about it. But it's just hard to get biblical on someone who is a shadow on Internet. It makes my blood boil.


  1. This is sickening, I don't know what to say. I hope your report will help stop this disturbed individual.

  2. i agree with you, marie, 100%. thank you for taking the time to report the beast.

  3. That's horrible. Good on you for reporting it. I never thought about tracing everybody who looks at my blog... I just look at feedjit to see what country they come from not what they search for...I'll try it, it will be interesting!

  4. Good for you reporting the creep, Marie. Hope he gets found out sooner rather than later.


  5. I have "weed" in my blog name (My Weeds Are Very Sorry), so you can imagine the drug searches I get, although nothing as disturbing as what you describe. It just distorts the number of visitors counted in my stats. I'm glad you are taking the time to report this.

  6. Good for you, Marie - if you didn't report it to this organisation, can I ask that you do? It's with specialists dedicated to tracking paedophiles across the UK.

    After a quarter of a century of working in the field of child abuse, I know how much the authorities must rely on the help of the public in protecting children.

  7. Rachel, that's actually who I contacted. Nothing can come of it. Searching is not illegal, no crime was committed. I think I reported it because I hoped that there was a tiny chance of it fitting into some other puzzle. And IP address is not necessarily a home computer, though I'm guessing you don't look for this at an internet cafe. I just felt so impotent. I had to do something.

  8. Thanks Marie for reporting!! Scum of the earth, these pedophiles. I can only hope and pray your efforts will pay off ...


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