Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not a mouse or a trowel

Thank you to all who voted for 66 Square Feet in the Mouse and Trowel awards. The winners in the Container and Urban Gardening categories are Mr Brown Thumb and Life on the Balcony.

Oh, and the Mystery Tree has been identified.


  1. Just checked out other blogs, no way Jose. You're still the one (#1 that is).

  2. Same here...You WIN no matter what they say, even my daughter thinks like me and SHE has awesome taste.

  3. What they said.

    I voted for you in both categories.

  4. Wow... great shot of the bee.! it's beeeutiful and I don't really like bees... ..

  5. But, but...we voted! We wanted you to win...in every category. : )

  6. how? it was rigged, rigged, i say, by all the advertisers on life on the balcony. mr brown thumb might have been a real contender if he posted more than 1x/week (on average). robbed, you was ROBBED!


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