Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vida e caffè

Last week we were taken out to coffee by Johan van Zyl, the editor of Visi magazine - and a whole new coffee planet was revealed. Vida e caffè has a short menu in Portuguese that lists coffee the way I like it. Coffee the way I beg for it, and for which I must contort my sentences in Starbucks and Various in New York:

Espresso marked with foam; espresso + whipped cream; espresso + steamed milk; espresso + 1 part milk, 2 parts foam; espresso + water; espresso + milk and cap of foam; espresso + Lindt chocolate +milk...

And then they deliver it just like that. The way they said it would be.

Baie dankie, Johan!


  1. And I hope you made good use of the free Portuguese moustache after your coffee?

    I miss Estorbo. I hope he's ok. Dogs and cake just aren't the same....

  2. Now, with no further ado, I must start planning for Capetown. I saw the Lindt chocolate in the photo(enlarged, to be certain!)and almost swooned. It's Lindt who make my beloved chilli chocolate. Try it! You will adore it.
    Another reason for Capetown? Yesterday, I saw "Invictus" and will mention it in my next post. No spoiler!

  3. And with such huge smiles and unbridled, genuine cheerfulness! Love the Afro-Portuguese touch - a cappuccino to go is a cappucino HAMBA! As in hamba gahle (travel safely, go well ..)


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