Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The phone call

Phone rings at work.

Holly, Wood and Vine, I say, alone in the office (sniff).

Hello? Says man with very local accent.

Hello! I say, thinking, What's he selling?

This may sound really strange, says the man's voice, but...uh...I'm calling to find out about weeds.

W E E D S, he spells...


Are they good for anything?

Um, well, some of them are, I say, Some of them are edible. Like lambs quarters, dandelions...

Really! he says, excited, Like, you can bake them like wheat. W H E A T?

Uh...no, they're leaves, L E A V E S so you eat them cooked or raw like salad, but you have to know what they are so you don't get sick, I say, speaking more slowly and clearly.

Really, this is great, great...this is very useful information to me. But, no bread?

Well, I say, I know you can harvest the seed of amaranth and make a flour...

I knew it! he says. Thank you!

Where are you calling from, I ask?

The Bronx, he says...I work for you!


He tells me his name. He does some demolition work and hauling for us when we are starting a new garden from scratch and need a lot of stuff taken out and away.

He says, My brother needs to know about this, he has a Message to put out and I said I know who can help!

Ah, I say. Well, you can Google edible weeds and you will find a whole, long list.

I'm gonna do that right now he says!

Good bye...

Good bye!!!
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