Friday, July 10, 2009

Good morning, Sunshine!

An irrepressible flower. An essentially cheerful flower. A simple flower, with no hang-ups...An optimist.

It's a wonder I let it in the house.


  1. i am coming to like cosmos (the flower), too. i planted candy stripe. since i spray Serenade as a matter of course now, no mildew. so far. this year should be a good test once it heats up. IF it heats up. plus they can be seeded directly in the ground--more room under my grow lights for other stuff.

  2. There are huge masses of cosmos growing in some of the interstate medians here and they look bright, cheerful, low maintenance, and wild...not a formal flower by any stretch of the imagination, with its long stems and slim foliage. I love how in your picture the border on the glass is barely visible on the glass itself but so crisp in its shadow.

  3. I love cosmos. I always planted sensation mix and seashells. This is the first year I didn't get around to planting any. I actually bought a plant the other day. That really makes me feel like a loser.
    I still have some seed packets that I bought early in the year and maybe there are some cosmos in there. If I get them in this weekend maybe they'll bloom by Thanksgiving! I will sure miss them in the Fall when they really stand out.

  4. Beautiful cosmos! Mine are just coming out and that particular shade makes me smile every morning when I walk pass my flower bed

  5. Stunning flower and cute shadow!

  6. Donna - your daylilies will be up this weekend! It's funny how I've never grown's so very easy.

    QC - I associate cosmos with the Lesotho Highlands. I even thought it might be native to Lesotho. Good of you to notice the glass...that's why I love the picture. These are old South African glasses, called Woodstock: the first commercially manufactured glass in South Africa. I adore them.

    Beence: si!


    Loutron Glouton - I didn't realize how many people grew cosmos! Mine are supposed to be orange, too...still waiting for them.

    Gianna, I owe you an email! x


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