Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Perennial Plant Sale!

Image from Battery Conservancy


Tomorrow, May 7th. Battery Conservancy Plant Sale. Open to public at 11am. Open to $200 ticket holders at 9am. Oy.

This is exciting, because they're selling their own divisions, and their plantings are gorgeous. And tough. Frustrating that it's on a Thursday, when some of us are earning our crust of Sullivan Street Bakery baguette. I mean...are trust fund gardeners going to be shopping tomorrow? Curious.

I was going to fight it out with the Department of Homeland Security tomorrow, but my appointment's now on Friday. This sale counts as park-to-be research right, right?

More here.

List of Plants for Sale. My mouth is watering.

Looks like Bowling Green 4/5 is the closest subway.


  1. Maybe those who can afford tickets don't have to "earn a crust."
    And of course it counts as research! Marie, if you don't go, you will be letting down so many people who are depending on you to beautify that sad old corner.

  2. Errr... $200 ticket holders??? You mean parking tickets? ;-)

  3. Hmmph they do the same thing here...schedule fantastic events during the day, during the week...We're not all independently wealthy and/or retired! But heck, i would think that this would definitely count as related to your work in the pocket park!

  4. mighty small plants. And the $200 ticket holders had cleaned most of them out. Gr. But I walked thruogh the garden there and there are some VERY interestng things growing. It's a pleasure. the beds are curved and contained with CORTEN steel edging, with curvy benches to match, the whole under plane tree canopy.


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