Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iceberg hanky-panky...

There's been some funny business on the terrace. What sort of rose would you say this is, top and bottom? Something old and English or David Austinish? No. It's my climbing Iceberg. It's a flower growing very close to my Abraham Darby, which it is beginning to resemble: ruffles, swirled in on themselves...and pink.


Below, a little farther from the Abraham Darby, is another double bloom. But creamier.

Like meringues and cream.

Here is a third, looking more like a nomal Iceberg rose...but still something very retro going on there.

And over the doorway, farthest over, looking quite plain and unfiddled with.

What's going on? It's all the same plant, different branches of...They never used to do this.



  1. So..your FOR the superfund site then?

    It does seem a bit two-headed.

    But then there is beauty in symmetry.

    Reverting to a parent rose?

    I'm no help.

  2. Wha...?

    Gowanus? What did I say?

  3. Hey Frank, your blogger profile don't link back to you...

  4. Icebergs (most whites, come to that) often exhibit colour shifts. usually due to hot weather.Here, they almost always go a bit "raspberry ripple" around Christmas.
    But the double-centring? Something to do with your recent painting, perhaps? :-)
    Or maybe it just wants to be like Mr. Darby!

  5. Can roses have multiple personality disorder, I wonder?

  6. Sounded like giberish.

    Not enough proximity to toxic waterways to effect some rose mutations?

    Of course not.

    Even I cannot see where I was going with that one.

    My profile. Why, who's checkin?
    Works now.

  7. Frank - ah, you were just riffing beyond my depth :-)

    MIT - yes, I've seen the blush before, on other Icebergs, but not the form-change.

    m. - I may have picked up some from me?


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