Friday, April 3, 2009

SA Blog awards

Fun's over! [*5/5/2009: See Footnote for real winners]

SA Blog award results in the categories we were nominated for were won by:

Best Photography:
Best Travel:

And the Overseas category that 66 Square Feet might belong in better:

Read them and weep!

Thank you for nominating 66 Square Feet and for Voting...

*Er, seems the ones above were the 2008 winners...I blame the official website. Anyway the right ones are up there now.

Best travel:
Best photography:

Thanks to Paul from Cape Town Daily Photo for the heads-up.

Now next year, let's focus on best Overseas Blog?


  1. I was just following that on Twitter. Where'd you get your results from?

    Oh well... It's nice that you got to the finals any way. :-)

    PS I've got your "finalist souvenir badge" retouched and ready... ;-)


  2. I googled the awards as I knew they must be over, SA time. Now I forget the website's name. Eish -something...


  3. But I'll take the souvenir badge, thank you...smallboice.

  4. :-) I'll send it to you tonight!

  5. Sorry you didn't win, Marie, but congratulations on making it as far as you did!

  6. Bloody hell.You will always be the best

  7. Siestog, Marie! But enjoy the badge ...

  8. Heh - I wish we did win this year... I think you picked up the results for 2008 blog awards. :)

  9. Jeez, thanks, Paul. I posted these as soon as they went up on the official website, but just went back and I see what you mean!


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