Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking forward...

As I write, on this Brooklyn evening at 7.44pm, I hear a robin singing. And singing and singing. Sitting at the very top of a tree across the way. Soon I might hear...yes, just did. The cardinals. It is their song time, before they go to bed.

It is still light out, and the trees are new and chartreuse. There is a vague white hum from the BQE. A very distant siren. A jet far away, on final approach. And the robin, above all, singing, singing, singing.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

Yeah yeah, looking for a bigger terrace. No. Planting new things. In new pots. With our SoHo rooftop purchases came some for me, too:

Nicotiana 'Limelight' from the Union Square Farmers' Market this morning.

Neutered chives from Jim Glover. Our client felt they might be too stinky.

These special-ordered, as I've wanted them ever since I used them in gardens last year.

Extra nip for the Don, and for its beautiful blue flowers.

A different calamintha: on the SoHo terrace this morning our client gave me her mom's recipe: tea from the steeped mint leaves, cooled, add half the amount apple juice, squeeze of lemon, lots of ice.

The beautiful Corydalis "China Blue". Blooms till the middle of summer, then disappears.

I must order some new pots from Tony's Hardware. And there's something wrong with my boxwood. White, papery spots on some leaves. Leaf burn from water droplets? I know. Take a picture.

Pots too small?

We start planting Median perennials today...They arrived in a big fragrant truck.. The geraniums and agastache like anise and lemon.


  1. watch yer butt....set the cones out just a wee bit further...! I jest...but, it could be dangerous out there on a busy Brooklyn street....

  2. I still have the eye! As the first picture loaded I said "Limelight!" Then thought I recognised corydalis.
    Here's a thought for the Big Blag Cad...he's built for Nepeta "Six Hills Giant."

  3. BV - I watched my butt; it's Manhattan traffic. Much more laid back than Brooklyn traffic :-)

    MIT - yay, plant geeks in the house! The cat says he was photographed in an unflattering position in the bath and is going to sue.

  4. marie, the cardinal was singing in my lilac last night around the same time. i told j i was leaving him for the cardinal, i'm so enamored with his red feathers and clear voice.

    i have yellow corydalis that's naturalized in the damper areas of the garden. for years i haven't been able to remember it's name, so thank you for jogging my memory.


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