Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cafe Gitane

...opposite the beautiful leaning brick walls of St Patrick's on Mott Street.

This salad is not quite the same salad that it was a few years ago, when it was perfect, but it is still pretty good: oranges, black, oil-cured olives, red chile, mint. The chile is now in out-of-a-bottle form, but the hot-sweet-salty-herbal combination prevails. And has led to countless variations at home.

It is one of the side dishes, along with baked feta, goat cheese with pomegranate molasses, and aioli foccaccia, below, all around the $6 mark.

A glass of Sancerre, a Weissbrau for Vincent and espressos to end. Perfect espressos, just look at the crema.


  1. It might not have been quite up to par, that salad was quite amazing, still. The most unlikely combination, olives and oranges, and chili and us. And it works deliciously. :-)


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