Friday, March 20, 2009


Even we conscious, semi-educated, literate people, who are aware of what we do and where our resources come from...take water for granted.

I have no water. Henry Street is being dug up. The DEP is there, trucks are roaring.

And even as I was thinking about this I absent-mindedly squirted some liquid soap onto my hands and turned on the tap, but

ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuhgasp, empty.

So I rinsed them in frigid rainwater collected in the copper bowl of the barbecue on the terrace.

Clean, cold, clear water from a tap. For drinking, I am thirsty. I am a tap drinker. For bathing, I like bathing. For washing the coffee cup from this morning. For...other things. Oh for the self- sufficiency of the desert where we travelled with enough water to float an elephant.


Update: 7.18pm...well, we have cold water now. And I'm not too sure about being a tap drinker anymore.


  1. OK, no further hesitation, 2 trips to the nearest grocery store to stock up on bottled water. I would even suggest a cab ride to bring large ones back. There. And a bucket left outside to collect rain water if any.

  2. I have already contaminated my rainwater supply. With phosphates. Minimal, because it was goody-two- shoes soap. I've bought a gallon of water for Stuff and a regular sized bottle for dreenkeen'...

    No more rain...

  3. oh dear. there's nothing that bothers me more than being without water. i hope this is resolved soon.

  4. LOL, well if there's cold, there's warm soon thereafter....

  5. Oh, honey. I am so sorry.

    I actually had a fit of panic recently, after a train friend of mine told of getting home late to discover a massive water main break, and not only did they have no fresh water from the tap, but their Weimariner (sp?) didn't either.

    Soon thereafter, I sent Mike out on a day when we had a zipcar reserved and he brought home gallons and gallons of bottled water, which are now lurking in the pantry. We humans can drink other things, but thinking of the kitties not having fresh water was sobering.

    I'm probably over-obsessing, but hey... better safe than


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