Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New York Christmas

I speak to a favourite carpenter on the phone today and ask to meet at a Garment District address to discuss the Logistics of a garden just designed for two levels of a penthouse apartment.

"Oh," he says, gloomily, "Today's bad, it's a gridlock day."

"Gridlock day?" I say, "Why...because it's Wednesday?"

"No," he sighs, "They're lighting the goddamn Tree."

"Yeah," he goes on, " bus schedules are rerouted, traffic is scrambled, and all the morons from the suburbs come and gawk at it."

Jingle bells, jingle bells...


  1. Working in Washington, DC, i can relate!

  2. Here, in this small(80,000)city, the Council runs a special bus around the suburbs to view the decorated houses and asks people to use that, rather than drive their own cars and clog traffic. Does it work? Guess!

  3. Oh c'mon! In my days, when I used to ride a bus all night from Montreal, arrive in New York early morning, shop all day for my dive watches and hop back on the bus in the evening, even I did gawk at it! ;-)

  4. NO1 NO! I forgot my point! It's the suburbs that scare us. After all, some of us come from them! THAT'S why I live in New York.


    I need some wine.

  5. Marie, you need to read m.heart's post on the alienation of city dwellers...oh, wait! You probably read the article in NY Times.
    is worth checking anyway.The author would like to live in New York.)


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