Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A box arrived at work a week ago, just before I left for SA, from Beloeil, Quebec, where my sister-, mother- and nephew-in-law live. Inside it were some very pretty and unexpected presents...And at the bottom lay a long flat book, which I imagined to be an album. As I unwrapped it I saw a picture of a rose on the cover. Hm. That looks familar, I thought, that's one of my Abraham Darby's...and that's my photo!

I opened the covers and could not believe what I was seeing. Brigitte had made a book about 66 Square Feet, with the help of her Mac's software, and had had it beautifully bound. Software is one thing and wonderful, and now I want a Mac, but what it can't do is impart taste, or do it in its own time. The photo's and layout with occasional quotes from posts are so thoughtful and done with such a discerning eye that I believe Ms Mounier should consider a new career in publishing.

A husbandly hand looking through the pages...

I brought the book to Cape Town to show it off and my father said, having been right through it (a testiment to its appeal, since he is always nose-deep in work with no patience for distractions): I have never heard of a more intelligently loving gift.

And that about sums it up.

Thank you, Brigitte. You have collected my flowers, food, cat, and memories, and made them last forever, beautifully.


  1. What a wonderful present! I've been thinking a Mac might have to be my next computer.

    Your posts from South Africa are a wonderful gift of sunshine and flowers to us here in this snow-bound north. White Christmases are wonderful, but so is your relentless sun and sky. Have a wonderful Christmas - you and yours.

  2. What a lovely gift! You're a lucky girl.

  3. that IS a lovely gift. It's also a sign, Marie. Look for the signposts.

  4. What a beautiful and lovely gift! She took your own art and took it a step higher.

  5. Get the Mac! You won't be sorry. Fabulous gift. Happy kersfees!

  6. A lovely gift, and of more than the book.

  7. This is an incredible idea brought to wonderful life. Your photos and text certainly could constitute a book--a best-seller in fact. Magnificent!


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