Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Union Square Farmers' Market

I stopped by the farmers' market this morning to pick up some Shasta daisies to fluff up the garden that was being photographed by the NYTimes this evening. And did a little shopping for myself, too. This time of year is a little overwhelming in terms of produce: you suddenly want a huge kitchen, a table that seats twelve and a nine course dinner to plan: there is so much and it is all beautiful.

If you would like flowers, there are flowers.

Gorgeous pink cosmos and dahlias.

Orange zinnias.

Pink zinnias...

Pigs? They have organic pigs: High Hope Hogs.

Fruit. Ah! plum jam! I forgot! That will have to be this weekend's project.

White peaches...

Of course there is corn.

And every kind of tomato:

My modest purchase was two of these. I want to make a salad inside of one, with bits of bread, and onion, and the tomato itself, and sherry vinegar, a bit of sugar, salt. Tomorrow.

Green stripey tomatoes.

Ratatouille and stuffed aubergines and cacik, and cool soup, just waiting to be made.

These are the size of quarters, as in 25c. They are cucumbers. I bought chanterelles from this stall.

And the weather? Just unbelievably nice. September stuff. A big garden is going in next week after a two year wait for a renovation to be completed, so I hope it holds. Four maples, three cherries, a magnolia, a lilac, roses, boxwoods and almost 200 perennials.

For more farmers' market news take a look at the blog To Every Meal there is a Season , which is hosting a Farmer's Market report.


  1. Photo #2 reminds me of a South Pacific reef...

  2. Yes, Pam, VERY fresh. I sort of wanted to roll in everything.

    Yes, a little odd, I know...

    Centvingt - really?

  3. I love your pictures. They are so beautiful. What pretty food. Neat post.

  4. We have a pig farmer down here, too: Grateful Growers. I love the names!

    Hey, I'm hosting a Farmer's Market Report. Maybe you'd like to submit this post? Come on over and check it out:

  5. This is amazing, you just don't see this sort of spectacle in our locality, maybe in London or a big city? I'd happily hand over money in a place like this. x

  6. I love your blog and can completely relate to the very small urban apartment lifestyle. I wish I could have ten people over for dinner, but they wouldn't all fit! Beautiful photos, and I also find the name of the pig stand rather funny.

  7. Thanks for submitting your post. I'll have this week's Farmer's Market Report up by 10AM. Hope to see you then!


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