Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am drinking a gin and tonic at this 7.30pm Sunday evening-time, listening to French reggae, thinking about the bees still visiting the calamintha and nepeta outside, the puffy clouds in the September-blue sky, thinking about the week ahead and wondering quite how to do it all; missing One, as MFK Fisher writes, thinking rather sadly of eveything I cannot write at the moment and everything that he cannot write, of__________and _______ and red tape and ___________none of which I can really mention right now. It's a waiting game and it's beginning to tell. There is just a great suspension and not knowing, and wishing.

And a black cat, and planes landing in straight lines through the blue to La Guardia and a terrace freshly watered; heirloom tomatoes in the beginning of a simple sauce for spaghetti, and the knowledge that what one wants isn't anything. It is what we have now that is everything. I have been successful in small ways at realizing that over the last few years, and have profitted from it, and have found what I wanted from taking care of the now. But sometimes the temptation to throw oneself into an unseen and desired future can hijack...because it robs now of everything.

This is not a blog for rants and whining. So just pretend y'all took a wrong turn. Tomorrow it'll all be bright and flowers again.

And on an entirely unrelated note, kind of:

"If you have supped well, for instance, on ham baked with apples and sweet potatoes and a green salad, you will probably agree that the best possible ending to such a savourous meal is a bowl of walnuts which have been roasting in their shells in the hot oven while you ate. Coffee is fine with them, but a glass of port is even better...or an ordinary red wine."

MFK Fisher, from How to Cook a Wolf, The Art Of Eating, 1937.


  1. He is very lucky, he who is missed so much by you.

    Not being able to say and write things, at times, just makes them more precious... :-)

  2. wishing right along with you... xo

  3. Sterkte, Marie, alles sal reg kom.

  4. Jen - thank you, you're kind....x

    Jane - as elkeen sy plig doen??:-)
    Sigh. And thank you.

  5. By the way, second picture: like stairs leading up to spinning clouds. Great motion, love it. :-)

  6. Hello Marie, I have resurfaced on the blogosphere.....after summer just kind of ran away with me....

    G & T...I had one the other night on a patio overlooking the lake and Toronto skyline....with a wedge of hit the spot.

    Very dramatic sky and cute kitty featured on today's post....

    Hope your equilibrium is soon restored....

  7. Thank you, Ms. Hound. I watched a knitter on the F train a couple of days ago, wondering :-)

    Centvingt...a bit creepy, it felt.

    LL - welcome back with your new nom de guerre.

  8. sorry, no knitting on the F train. The Q and B are likely spots...


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