Monday, June 30, 2008

Terrace after rain

...and the critters come out.

Which is where the chopsticks come in handy.

Cumulo nimbus heading our way.

The first roses after the heatwave are very small.

Purple basil getting bigger...

Raindrops on Greek basil.

Catnip filling out fast.

Jets leaving...


  1. Nice bug! :-) And to think that a few weeks ago, that terrace was dry-dead...

  2. Fantastic photos Marie. Was the critter stir-fried? x

  3. Oh, you taste caterpillars as well as flora? I hadn't thought of that...

  4. Looks like the caterpillar of the black swallowtail buterfly, Papilio polyxenes, very fond of celery, fennel, dill, etc., but rarely a pest, and less common now that there are fewer farms in the NE. Did you get the alarm response when you no doubt gently squeezed with the chopsticks?

  5. Beence, it's coming back slowly, getting ready for you, :-)

    Thank you, Louise - but of course! in a lowcal batter with courgette flowers.

    Brig - yes, it's all or nothing.

    Thew - I stood well back, but nothing happened. I suppose I didn't squeeze hard enough. They are pretty little buggers, but I feel strongly about my parsley and fennel - they had already cleaned up a couple of fronds. I'm afraid I tossed them over the edge. Whee.

  6. How did you get your basil so full and bushy??

  7. Lavinia, if you mean the purple basil, just full sun (all day) and water. The Greek basil's habit is just full and bushy.


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